Advanced AI Techniques and Applications in Bioinformatics

The advanced AI techniques are essential for resolving various problematic aspects emerging in the field of bioinformatics. This book covers the recent approaches in artificial intelligence and machine learning methods and their applications in Genome and Gene editing, cancer drug discovery classification, and the protein folding algorithms among others. Deep learning, which is widely used in image processing, is also applicable in bioinformatics as one of the most popular artificial intelligence approaches. The wide range of applications discussed in this book are an indispensable resource for computer scientists, engineers, biologists, mathematicians, physicians, and medical informaticists.


  1. Focusses on the cross-disciplinary relation between computer science and biology and the role of machine learning methods in resolving complex problems in bioinformatics
  2. Provides a comprehensive and balanced blend of topics and applications using various advanced algorithms
  3. Presents cutting-edge research methodologies in the area of AI methods when applied to bioinformatics and innovative solutions
  4. Discusses the AI/ML techniques, their use, and their potential for use in common and future bioinformatics applications
  5. Includes recent achievements in AI and bioinformatics contributed by a global team of researchers