Cyber Security and Privacy Issues in Industrial Internet of Things

The emergence of industry 4.0 stems from research that has received a
great deal of attention in the last few decades. Consequently, there has been a
huge paradigm shift in the manufacturing and production sectors. However, this
poses a challenge for cybersecurity and highlights the need to address the possible
threats targeting (various pillars of) industry 4.0. However, before providing a
concrete solution certain aspect need to be researched, for instance, cybersecurity
threats and privacy issues in the industry. To fill this gap, this paper discusses
potential solutions to cybersecurity targeting this industry and highlights the consequences of possible attacks and countermeasures (in detail). In particular, the
focus of the paper is on investigating the possible cyber-attacks targeting 4 layers
of IIoT that is one of the key pillars of Industry 4.0. Based on a detailed review of
existing literature, in this study, we have identified possible cyber threats, their
consequences, and countermeasures. Further, we have provided a comprehensive
framework based on an analysis of cybersecurity and privacy challenges. The suggested framework provides for a deeper understanding of the current state of
cybersecurity and sets out directions for future research and applications.