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Prof. Sardar M. N. Islam (Naz)    

Professor, ISILC, & Director of Decision Sciences and Modelling Program; Victoria UniversityAustralia.

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Artificial Intelligence, UnSri.

Distinguished Visiting Professor, AURAK.

As Professor Sardar M. N. Islam has lived, studied, and worked in different countries and visited (extensively) different regions of the world for a long period, he adopts a global and humanistic approach in his research and academic works. He has undertaken rigorous scientific studies of emerging issues of different disciplines.

His academic work has gained international acclaim resulting in many (1) Honours and Awards, (1) visiting or adjunct professorial appointments in different countries, (2) appointment in editorial roles of journals and (3) keynote speeches at international conferences in several countries.

He has published 31 scholarly authored academic books in different disciplines.  Each of these books makes significant scientific contributions to the literature. These books are published by prestigious publishers, and the majority of books are published in highly regarded book series. He has also published about 250 articles, including some of the top leading international journal articles in his specialized research areas.




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